Essex (Grays RM17)


Grandmaster Loke has been teaching in the Essex area for over forty years. He teaches in his dedicated Tang Sou Dao school in Grays (Grays HQ) and is assisted by a team of experienced instructors, all of whom continue to train, and many have brought their children and grandchildren. Grays HQ runs classes every day for children and adults.

Tel: 01375 386 225/ 07791 138 245

Tang Sou Dao Grays HQ, Cromwell Road, Grays RM16 5HF

Monday6.00-7.00pmKids Under 11
7.15-8.15pmAll Ages
Tuesday6.00-7.00pmKids Under 11
7.15-8.15pmAll Ages
Wednesday6.00-7.00pmKids Under 11
7.15-8.15pmAll Ages
Thursday6.00pm-7.00pmKids Under 11
7.15-8.15pmAll Ages
Friday6.00pm-7.00pmKids Under 11
7.15-8.15pmAll Ages
Saturday10.00-11.00noonKids Under 11
11.15-12.15pmAll Ages
Sunday 11.00am-12.00noonKids Under 18

Classes held at Grays HQ Loke Martial Art School, Cromwell Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 5HF