Zoom Classes

Zoom Class Schedule

Sundays11.00am-12.00pmAll ages and belts£7.00

You will need to ensure you have a safe space to follow the class, at least one step forwards, backwards and sideways. You will then need to do the following:

a) Email tangsoudao@aol.com at least 24 hours before the class to confirm registration, with your name, club, age and belt.
b) Download the Zoom cloud meetings app. On your laptop is best. If you are planning on training from your living room, then you can hook up your laptop or phone to your Smart TV which will make it easier for you to follow the class.
c) You will be sent a code and ID to join the class and payment details.

The Zoom class will be streamed from Grays HQ and you will be training as part of the Sunday session at HQ. Hopefully that will provide an interactive experience. Enjoy!